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Where our community goes to celebrate

culture and heritage with pride.

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Our 2024 Theme

"Levantando Nuestras Voces"

This year we're centering the ways we express our identities, histories, and belonging. We are reminded to proudly celebrate our queer voices and experiences with the people who honor us.

About Our Events
La Fe

Today people have a variety of ways to address spiritual matters, some after coming out have found healing through new community building. In this non-denominational chat, we hear the practices of those who have built spirituality their own way.

Hoy en día, las personas tienen una variedad de formas de abordar los asuntos espirituales, algunos después de salir del armario han encontrado sanación a través de la construcción de una nueva comunidad. En esta charla no confesional, escuchamos las prácticas de quienes han construido la espiritualidad a su manera.

La Fiesta

In this hallmark community celebration, we honor and rejoice as a community on the many accomplishments and milestones made as a Queer Latinx community.

En esta celebración comunitaria distintiva, honramos y nos regocijamos como comunidad por los muchos logros e hitos alcanzados como comunidad Queer Latinx.

La Sanación Series

Through guided meditations and body movements, we explore tools for healing.


A través de meditaciones guiadas y movimientos corporales, exploramos herramientas para la curación.

La Platica

In partnership with national Latinx and Queer serving organizations, we touch on important topics and issues of relevance to our served demographic.

En asociación con organizaciones nacionales de servicios latinos y queer, abordamos temas importantes y cuestiones de relevancia para nuestro grupo demográfico servido.

Our Latinx Pride History

Since 2006, the Latinx History Project has coordinated D.C. Latinx Pride as a part of the Washington D.C. Pride events and festivities. It is our honor to make space for our community among the pride events of our nation's capital city, while also elevating conversations on important topics such as health, faith, and civic engagement. 

Over the years, we have made many of our pride events virtually accessible so that regardless of where you live, you can celebrate Latinx Pride with us.


We are looking to build a Latinx Pride History page. Have information to share? We'd love for you to email us with pictures we can include.

Coming Soon: U.S. Latinx Prides Directory

If you're planning your own Latinx Pride events, we'd love to include it in our upcoming project. Our goal is to build awareness about all the regional Latinx Prides and why we need more of them. Eventually, we will build support for creating new Latinx Prides and growing local Latinx LGBTQ leadership.

Send us your info! We're looking for a logo, short description of what you do, and a website or link where folks can learn more and connect.

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